If your searching for a overview of all Artwork series, this is not it! This is where you will find "News, Bestsellers, Offers, Spot PRICE, and more". We create all of our Artworks ourselves, this meaning that this is the only online shop where you will find these exact designs. However, we do collaborate with a number of companies, designing their offices, and we have a couple of series, that are exclusive to physical stores in Denmark as well.

Artistic style

Our style is easy to recognize based on the Scandinavian lifestyle and the Nordic nature, the details gives us away! Often we are told that the details shocked our customers, as they were expecting something else. And while we might not be the "first" to do a specific design, we aim to be the best, composing the elements in the image and so on! Our Artworks, can be purchased as Posters, Canvas and Acoustics. There are many sizes to choose from if you wan't posters. If, on the other hand, you wan't Canvas or Acoustics, there are only 2-4 sizes to choose from. There is of course an exception, namely our large format Artworks, these can be delivered in Canvas and Acoustics all the way up to the sizes 180x100cm with a 4cm deep profile. You can find them under the menu item: "Largeformat".