On this page you will find the rules that apply for active campaigns.

Buy for min. 50 EURO and get 1 extra 30x40cm poster for free!

This is how its done:

  1. Add products to your cart, for a min. of 15 - 35 EURO (Amount varies from month to month) and proceed to checkout.
  2. Our webshop checks automatically if your ordre qualifies for a free poster. If so, you will see a button that says "Choose free poster". 
  3. When you Click the "Choose free poster" button, you will get a POPUP window, where you can choose your free poster. Note! You can also search for the poster you want in this window. 
  4. After choosing your free poster, it will be added to your cart. 
  5. If you want to change the free poster, press the "Choose free poster" button again, and choose another poster.
  6. Complete the purchase.


To qualify for a free poster your order must have a subtotal of 15 - 35 EURO (Amount varies from month to month) or more.

If you don't want a free poster, dont choose one.

Did you forget to choose a free poster. Hurry and make contact to us, by email og phone. (It will be to late, when we have dropped you package at the post office).

Only 1 free poster per customer per month!

Offers with a discount percentage!

All offers expire the last day of the month - unless other information is given!

The first of every month we revise our offers and the percentage discount we can offer on that particular product that month. Som products will decrease in price other will increase.

See our posters on SALE!

Discount codes

It is only possible to use 1 discount code per order.

This means that you cannot use discount codes in combination.