What is the difference between Posters, CANVAS & Acoustics

Here you can see and read about the difference, advantages and disadvantages of each type of product we offer!


Our posters are printed on 250g FSC certified Satin paper. Which is a very powerful quality that reduces the risk of damage to the poster, during transport and when installed in a frame. Please note that we at PAPAPAPA do not sell frames, so you need to find these somewhere else.


Our Canvas is printed on UV-resistant photo-canvas, which is extremely hardy, then the canvas is mounted on a hidden wooden frame, where it is fastened with staples. Our Canvas measures 18mm in depth, which gives a nice profile on the subject. On most of our canvas we wrap the subject around so that it is also visible on the edges, as it gives a nice minimalistic effect, without the use of frames.


In large rooms with high ceilings, acoustic panels help to make a good sound when speaking. Our acoustic solution consists of UV resistant photo canvas, mounted on top of 35mm deep acoustic panels. Our acoustic panels are of the highest quality (Class A) - which ensures the best sound absorption. For this, the beautiful deep 35mm profile gives a very unique expression on the walls - for this purpose, 8mm hooks are mounted on delivery, which ensure a very simple mounting.